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The South China Sea

South China Sea is a simulation of the world in the 7th Century, when navigation of the sea and big scale ship building began. Your mission is to travel back in time and make your country reign economic supremacy in the South China Sea. You have to trade, sell or buy resources from other countries and gain the highest profit to win.

TOEIC For Global Workplace Competitiveness

The TOEIC test measures your ability to use English in daily business situations and a growing number of international companies are recognizing the TOEIC as an objective indicator of a person%27s proficiency in business English.


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We specialize in soft skill training. Use our expertise to learn and develop yourself and team.

  • Team work & people
  • Writing & communication
  • Managing people and time
  • Supervisory & staff engagement

what others are saying about us

The leadership training conducted in Malacca has brought cohesion to the team. It brought everyone closer and placed individual Key Result Areas in proper perspective. We believe that this will help the team to achieve our goals. Thank you from all of us.

– Maslee Wholesale Cash & Carry Sdn Bhd

Great patience was shown to understand our requirements and training sessions were well-coordinated with highly qualified instructors which ultimately met all our requirements.

– Motorola Solutions

We benefited so much from the " Train the Trainer " course (Expanding Minds Driving Business). The presentation skills I learnt were excellent. I would suggest to our company to take Asia to be our Training Provider as the knowledge I got from this traning was the best compare to other training I had attended so far.

– Air Asia Berhad

Your programs are exciting, but what impressed us the most is the service you rendered.

– Malakoff

The Program was conducted very professionally and all the participants enjoyed themselves. I would not hesitate to recommend Sdn Bhd to anyone. We are looking forward to work with them again for our future team building workshops.

– Press Metal Berhad

Excellent teaching with small group discussion. Makes the whole training interesting and useful for the future.

– Freescale Semiconductor (M) Sdn Bhd

Great comunication and delivery with lots of examples given for easy implementation.

– ON Semiconductor (SCG Industries (M) Sdn Bhd)

Strongly recommended for all to attend.

– Multimedia University (MMU)

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The TOEIC test measures your ability to use English in daily business situations.

it training & facility rental

Get trained or certified in Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle and among other technologies.

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