All – Rounder Customer Service

  • 2 Days of training
  • E-Certificate of Completion
  • E-Training manual

Course Objectives

  • Understand the importance and value of customer service in an organization
  • Identify the elements and concept of customer service excellence to achieve customer satisfaction
  • Understand customers’ expectation and learn the skills to meet their needs
  • Effectively resolve clients’ complaint
  • Learn and apply practical skills and approach to serving customer in daily work operation

Target Audience

Customer Service Officers, Executives, Supervisors, Team Leader who wish to improve their communication with internal and external customers.


This is a highly interactive workshop where the participants are required to participate actively to maximize their learning. This workshop will involve videos, individual, paired and team presentation work, self-reflection and translation into actual action plan that they can use after the training.

Course Modules

Module 1: Value of Customer Service
Module 2: (STANDARD) What is Customer Service Excellence
Module 3: What Kind of Customer Service Creates Value
Module 4: Creating the Ideal Experience
Module 5: Communicate and Connect with Customers
Module 5: Managing Customer’s Complaint
Module 6: Role Play in Different Scenarios
Module 7: Summary and Take Away Action Plan

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