• 8 hours of Live Online / Virtual Training
  • E-WorkBook
  • E-Cert

Course Objectives

  • Create basic PowerPivot workbooks for Microsoft Excel
  • Create PowerView reports from PowerPivot workbooks that they have created and either upload to SharePoint sites or export into PowerPoint
  • Understand the full features of Power Query to easily select and manipulate data from any sources
  • Able to create Power Map tours and use them as rich and impressive geographical data visualizations.


  • Microsoft Excel 2010 and 2013 users
  • Understanding of basic Microsoft Excel usage and functionality.

Target Audience

  • All Microsoft Excel users from any background that has concerns to data handling.


This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, discussions and practical exercise

Course Modules

  • Introduction To Microsoft Business Intelligence
    – What is Business Intelligence?
    – Enterprise Business Intelligence
    – Team Business Intelligence
    – Self-Service Business Intelligence
  • Introduction To Excel 2013 Powerpivot
    – Best Things That PowerPivot Brings to Excel
    – What Will PowerPivot Do for the Analyst
    – Introduction to PivotTables (Optional)
    – PowerPivot Versions
    – New 2013 PowerPivot Features
    – VLOOKUP Not Required (Use Relationships)
    – Architectural Changes in Excel 2013
    – PowerPivot and Excel 2013
    – PowerPivot and SharePoint
    – Enterprise Business Intelligence and PowerPivot
    – Importing Data
    – Data Models
    – Relationships
    – Simple PivotTable Reports
    – Calculated Columns and Calculated Fields
    – Refreshing Data
    – Calculations
    – SharePoint Sharing
  • Introduction To Power View
    – Report Design Principles
    – New 2013 Power View Features
    – Microsoft Power View User Interface
    – Tables
    – Charts
    – BI Semantic Models
    – Saving and Sharing
  • Introduction To Power Query
    – Power Query and Power Query Formulas
    – ETL with Power Query
    – Online Search
    – Data Refresh
    – Managing Data Sources and Queries
  • Introduction To Power Map
    – What is Power Map and How Does It Work?
    – Data Visualizations and 3D Mapping Using Power Map
    – What is a Tour?
  • Introduction To Power BI
    – Install PowerBI Windows App
    – Configure PowerBI
    – Working with Power BI in O365

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