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  • 8 hours of Live Online / Virtual Training
  • E-WorkBook
  • E-Cert

Writing to some is a mystery. This applies to the writing of short or long documents. We need to employ a process to de-mystify this undesirable situation. But of course the pre-requisite of writing is the satisfactory command of the language of communication.

The ability to command English for the preparation of a report is the understanding of some technical terms; not English for narrative or business writing or any other categories of writing.

The translation of thought into words is the initiation of any writing and using the mind map is the easiest way to propagate thoughts. The arrangement of the writing is crucial. We need to use suitable titles and subtitles to assist the reader to maneuver through the document, this forms part of the reader–centric element.

Course Objectives

  • To apply the suitable genre of writing
  • To write reports according to convention
  • To use a suitable form of language
  • To apply hierarchy of facts and information
  • To display relevant graphical representation

Target Audience

Executive and above.


This Live Online / Virtual Training session will be conducted via a Live Streaming Platform in which the trainer will use interactive lecture and slide presentation to cover the modules stated below.

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Overview of Report Writing
    – Genre of Writing
    – Purpose of Reports
    – Forms of Reports

  • Module 2: Convention in Report Writing
    – The Anatomy
    – Understanding the Different Parts
    – Lengths of Reports

  • Module 3: Sequence of Writing
    – Gathering of Information
    – Classifying of Information
    – Emphasising Information

  • Module 4: Importance of Summary
    – Classification of Summaries
    – Elements of Outstanding Summary
    – Template for Summaries

  • Module 5: Construction of Titles/ Subject Lines
    – Types of Readers
    – Categories of Titles
    – Construction of Titles

  • Module 6: Display of Graphical Representations
    – Importance of Graphics
    – Selection of Graphics
    – Labeling of Graphics

  • Module 7: Dealing with Appendices
    – Understanding Appendices
    – References, Bibliograhpy etc
    – Presentation of Appendices

  • Module 8: Final Touches
    – Editing
    – Proof-Reading
    – Overall Presentation

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