first aid

  • 2 Days of training
  • E-Certificate of Completion
  • E-Training manual
  • HRDF Approved & Claimable

Would you like to create a safe environment that upholds your international school standard?

How do you think parents will feel when you tell them “not only do we have a medical team at our premises, but all of our teachers are certified First Aiders and are able to provide immediate assistance to your Child”?

Would you like to have Emergency Response Plan (Safety Training – First Aid & CPR + AED related) established and showcased on the same day of training?

Course Objectives

  • Gamification of Safety Training – First Aid & CPR Training to enhance learner interest and achieve high retention rate.
  • Learner are engaged and will learnt in an effective way through our implementation of Digital Learning Experience where we make use of difference application & program to further enhance learning experience
  • Workplace Focused Approach allow us to close the gap between expected workplace injuries & learner skill set to handle it
  • Incorporate the element of team bonding & competition in training to further enhance collaboration between colleague or department
  • Increase communication & strengthen bonding among learner

Target Audience

  • Teachers / Lecturers 
  • Students (Parents are welcome to join)
  • Emergency Response Team (ERT) Member
  • Safety and Health Officer (SHO)
  • Site Safety Supervisor (SSS)
  • Safety / Security Manager
  • Current or new Occupational First Aider
  • Operation to executive staff
  • All level of workers and any interested individuals


Digital Learning Experience – We deliver a Safety Training experience to learner where they engaged by a series of activities through Digital Learning (Application, Software or Program)

Gamification – Allow healthy competitive learning environment and at the same enhance learning experience.

Workplace Focused Approach – Every workplace is different, from building size, level of risk, to availability of first aid equipment. Hence, we also guide learner to identify low risk & high risks area and type of injuries that may occur. Besides that, learner will also get the opportunity to expose to their workplace equipment

Course Modules

Day 1 (Adults – Teachers / Lecturers)

  • Module 1: Introduction to the Course
  • Module 2: 5 Fears of First Aider
  • Module 3: Creating Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
  • Module 4: The 3 Myth of CPR & AED 
  • Module 5: CPR Practical Session
  • Module 6: Foreign Body Airway Obstruction
  • Module 7: Bleeding & Wound
  • Module 8: Muscular Skeletal Injuries
  • Module 9: BLS Skill Assessment
  • Module 10: Before 9-9-9
  • Module 11: Revision & Finalizing your ERP

Day 2 (Students – Pre-school)

  • Module 1: Introduction to the course
  • Module 2: Mini First Aider Run (Session 1)
    – Performing CPR
    – Helping choking victim
    – Stopping the bleeding
  • Module 3: Mini First Aider Run (Session 2)
    – Performing CPR
    – Helping choking victim
    – Stopping the bleeding
  • Module 4: Mini First Aider Run (Session 3)
    – Performing CPR
    – Helping choking victim
    – Stopping the bleeding
  • Module 5: Competition Begins
    – Colouring Contest (FCA related)
    – Re-Share of how to perform First Aid & CPR, Choking & Helping Bleeding victim
    – Announcement of winner & prize presentation

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