• 2 Days of training
  • E-Certificate of Completion
  • E-Training manual
  • HRDF Approved & Claimable

Course Objectives

  • Have a full and better understanding on the practical applications of the employment law at site
  • Able to understand all the elements of calculation in the employment law which cannot be avoided in payroll administration
  • Be able to advise Management on the corrective action while ensuring full compliance of the law

Target Audience

Suitable for Human Resources or Payroll Managers / Executives / Supervisors / Officers / Assistants, and all personnel involved in handling human resources matters and salary administration & benefits


Lectures, case studies and practical exercises on the correct applications

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Application Of Employment Act 1955
  • Module 2: Understanding Contract of Service
  • Module 3: Contract of Service Termination
  • Module 4: Contract of
  • Module 5: Payment for Rest Day
  • Module 6: Hours of Work
  • Module 7: Public Holidays
  • Module 8: Annual Leave
  • Module 9: Medical Sick Leave
  • Module 10: Ordinary and Hourly Rates of Pay (ORP)
  • Module 11: Overtime On Normal Working Days, Rest Days And Public Holidays
  • Module 12: Termination And Lay-Off Benefits
  • Module 13: Part Time Employees (P-TE)

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