• 8 hours of Live Online / Virtual Training
  • E-WorkBook
  • E-Cert

Course Objectives

  • Open a workbook containing macros
  • Run a macro
  • Use a shortcut key
  • Use the Microsoft Visual Basic toolbar
  • Open the Visual Basic Editor window
  • Use the Visual Basic Editor window
  • Record a macro
  • Assign a shortcut key
  • Use relative references
  • Assign a macro to a menu
  • Delete a macro from a menu
  • Delete a macro
  • Use custom toolbars and buttons
  • Create a custom toolbar
  • Add a button to a toolbar
  • Add a custom button
  • Assign a macro to a button
  • Change a button image
  • Display button text and images
  • Attach a custom toolbar
  • Delete a custom toolbar
  • Create a macro button
  • Use a macro button
  • Create a macro button
  • Copy a macro button
  • Format a macro button
  • Move and size a macro button
  • Delete a macro button


  • At least one year intermediate experience using Excel 2000 or 2002

Target Audience

  • This course is intended for information workers who need to learn more in-depth techniques for creating time saving Excel macros


This program will be conducted with interactive lectures, PowerPoint presentation, discussions and practical exercise

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Using Macros
    – Defining Macro
    – Using Developer Tab
    – Recording a Macro
    – Automate Tasks with Macros
    – Set Macro Security
    – Run a Macro
    – Run a Macro Using a Shortcut Key
    – Use the Visual Basic Toolbar
  • Module 2: Recording Macros
    – Opening a Workbook Containing Macros
    – Enabling Macro via Trust Center Setting
    – Using Macros
    – Running a Macro
    – Assign a Shortcut Key
    – Record a Macro that Uses Relative Referencing
    – Delete a Macro
    – Delete a Macro Stored in a Personal Macro Workbook
  • Module 3: Editing Macros
    – Open the Visual Basic Window
    – Use Visual Basic Editor
    – Entering Macro Comments
    – Edit Macro Commands
    – Copy Macro Commands
    – Editing Macro Commands
    – Typing Macro Commands
    – Write a New Macro
    – Run a Macro from the Code Window
    – Using the Debugger
  • Module 4: Custom Button In Quick Access Toolbar
    – Assign a Macro button to Quick Access Toolbar(QAT)
    – Create a Custom Button
    – Add Toolbar Buttons
    – Change a Button Image
    – Delete a Custom Button
    – Create Macro Button
    – Formatting a Macro Button
    – Rename a Macro Button
    – Copy and Re-assign Macro Button
    – Moving/Sizing a Macro Button
    – Deleting a Macro Button
  • Module 5: Adding Custom Controls to a Worksheet
    – Using Forms Controls
    – Create a Combo Box Control
    – Use a Spinner Control
    – Create a Scroll Bar Control
    – Create an Option Buttons Control


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