Course Objectives

This course is approved by KKM Bahagian Kejururawatan with Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Upon completion of the course, learners will be entitled for CPD A4 – 4 points/day where there is a requirement for annual minimum Credit Points achievement for each professional group to enable them to renew their Annual Practicing Certificate.

Cancer is a common cause of mortality and morbidity worldwide and in Malaysia. In a systematic review on symptom prevalence in patients with incurable cancer, pain was the second most common symptom. In Malaysia there are no published studies on the prevalence of cancer pain. However, based on global figures, the number of patients with cancer pain in Malaysia is estimated to be about 45,000. In a study done in a Malaysian palliative care unit, 89% of patients with advanced cancer had pain. Of these, 43% reported their pain as moderate to severe (pain score >4), and 57% reported more than one source of pain. Although pain is a significant source of distress for cancer patients, much of it remains undertreated.

The World Health Organization states that “Drug treatment is the mainstay of cancer pain management”. Opioid therapy is commonly used and this can be a challenge due to the many barriers amongst patients, the public and healthcare providers which prevent the optimal use of opioid analgesia. In Malaysia, consumption of mor.phine in 2007 amounted to 0.94 mg/ capita which was considerably lower than the global mean of 5.98 mg/ capita. It was estimated that less than 20% of cancer patients in Malaysia who experienced moderate to severe cancer pain received opioid analgesia.

The World Health Organization and the International Association for the Study of Pain have stated that “Pain Relief is a Basic Human Right”. Management of Cancer Pain the MOH Malaysia issued a circular on implementation of pain as the fifth vital sign in 2008 in an effort to make pain more visible as the first step towards improving the management of pain in MOH hospitals. The objective of this course is to work towards these goals by assisting healthcare providers in Malaysia to improve the management of pain in cancer patients.

Participants will learn to:

  • Demonstrate the understanding about cancer pain
  • Demonstrate the understanding about the principles of cancer pain management
  • Demonstrate the understanding about the diagnosis and assessment of pain
  • Demonstrate the understanding about the pharmacological treatment in cancer pain management
  • Demonstrate the understanding about the education on cancer pain management

Target Audience

State Registered Nurses and/or Medical Assistants 


Diploma in Nursing and/or Diploma in Medical Assistant


This Live Online / Virtual Training session will be conducted via a Live Streaming Platform in which the trainer will use interactive lecture and slide presentation to cover the modules stated below.

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction of Cancer Pain
    This module provides an introductory study of the definition of pain, cause of pain, types of pain, physiology of pain transmission and the effect of pain.

  • Module 2: Principles of Cancer Pain Management
    This module is designed to enhance learners’ understanding of the comprehensive pain assessment prior to treatment, understanding the concept of ‘total pain’, reassessment and adjustment of treatment when indicated, inter-professional collaboration in multidisciplinary teams and the participation of patients and their family members.

  • Module 3: Diagnosis and Assessment
    This module is designed to enhance learners’ understanding of the clinical presentation of cancer pain, clinical assessment of pain and the reliability of cancer pain assessment.

  • Module 4: Pharmacological Treatment
    • WHO Analgesic Ladder
    • Analgesics for the Treatment of Cancer Pain
    • Prescribing and Titration of Mor.phine and Other Strong Opioids
    • Maintenance Therapy and Breakthrough Pain Management
    • Opioid Switching
    • Renal and Liver Impairment
    • Tolerance to Opioids
    • Adjuvant Drugs
    • Bisphosphonates

  • Module 5: Education on Cancer Pain Management
    • Barriers to effective pain management
    • Educational strategies

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  • 8 hours of Live Online / Virtual Training
  • E-Training Slides (after session)
  • E-Cert


  • 29 - 30 June 2020
  • 30 Days of Email Support​


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