• 16 hours (4hrs x 4 days) of Live Online / Virtual Training
  • E-Work Book
  • E-Cert
  • Pre-Program Brief
  • Pre and/or Post Assessment
  • 30 Days of Email / Whatsapp Support
  • HRDF Approved & Claimable

Course Objectives

  • Guide the Store Personnel to plan the Warehouse and inventory storage Effectively and Efficiently with Cost & Safety Consciousness in mind.
  • Learn the Techniques of good stock ordering and control.
  • Strategy to avoid Stock-out situation – no late delivery to customer anymore!
  • Understand the Costs involved in operating the Warehouse.
  • Identify storage areas and install proper racking system.
  • Apply the various Effective Inventory Control Strategy.
  • Understand the Impact of stock mismanagement to the organization.
  • Identify the Key Store Performance areas to achieve Management and Manager’s Expectations.
  • Ensure effective loading or stuffing into the container.
  • Ensure the Security and Conditions of the items / finished goods stored at the Store & Warehouse

Target Audience

Store & Warehouse Manager, Executives, Supervisors, Store Keeper and Line Leaders personnel and all those who wish to know about the store environment.


Lectures, discussion, workshop activities and case studies

Course Modules

MODULE 1 – Overview of the store & warehouse organization.
MODULE 2 – Organizing and Operating the Store & Warehouse
MODULE 3 – Method of Loading or Stuffing
MODULE 4 – Material Handling Equipment and Selection
MODULE 5 – Effective Inventory Control
MODULE 6 – Strategy in Inventory Techniques
MODULE 7 – Store Safety and Security Requirements
MODULE 8 – Effective Operation

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