• 2 hours of Live Online / Virtual Training
  • Learning Deck (after session)
  • E-Cert

Course Objectives

We are currently facing an unprecedented challenges, which has shaken up and changed our way of living, and we need to manage this disruption by recrafting our way of doing things, but the question here is, how?

Manage business disruption:
• What is disruption to you?
• How you deal with disruption?
• How do you lead your workforce to embrace disruption?

Marshall your resources:
• You want to ‘do more with less’?
• But how do you manage value-cost tradeoffs?

Body-build your operations:
• How efficient is your operation?
• Are you suffering due to ‘valuable’ wastages in operation?
Uplift workforce competency:
• Is your workforce competent to help you growing the business?
• If no or not yet, good luck to your Item 1 – 3!

Target Audience

Leaders, Managers, Assistant Managers Team Leads and any supervisory role.


This Live Online / Virtual Training session will be conducted via a Live Streaming Platform in which the trainer will use interactive lecture and slide presentation to cover the modules stated below.

Course Modules

    Do you think breaks, downtimes and recuperations could be the key to staying hyper-focused over the long haul?  And, are you finding ways to make the most of your downtimes?
    But, you are not sure how to achieve the most on a long -run?
    Join us to know the 4 key tips to combine your mind, body and emotion as one.
    • Define Downtimes
       – What does downtime mean to you?
       – How does downtime transform you?
    • Define Motivation
      – How motivation affects your mind?
      – How motivation mobilizes your body?
      – How motivation controls emotion?
    • Finding Motivation
      – Do you know your purpose?
      – Are you clear of your intention?
      – Do you have the needful resources?
    • Create New Habits
      – Are you disciplined enough?
      – Do you learn, unlearn and relearn?
      – How determined are you?

    Keeping staff mobilized can be a challenge during lockdowns
    This is especially true if your team members are working remotely, far away from each other.
    But re -engaging them to reform a team to cope with the new norms after lockdowns will be another challenge. Join us to learn more on ‘Re -Motivate, Re – Engage and Re -Form’ your team.
      – Do you know your team’s pain points?
      – Do you know their energy drainers? Or,
      – Your have little understanding about them as persons
    • Re-ENGAGED
      – Are you losing your engagement with them? Or,
      – Are they losing engagement with you?
    • Re-FORM
      – How to reconnect?
      – How to recharge and to reform towards the new norms?

    Omoiyari is a Japanese concept and a way of thinking and acting towards oneself Fostering Omoiyari (during crisis) How do you demonstrate COMPASSION to others? How do you promote CONSENSUS in team? How do you EMPOWER others to take ACTION? and others. It is a form of social intelligence and helps oneself making a conscious choice to examine others’ perspectives without judgement in decision making.
    • Fostering Omoiyari (During crisis)
      – How do you demonstrate COMPASSION to others?
      – How do you promote CONSENSUS in team?
      – How do you EMPOWER others to take ACTION?
    • Omoiyari Leadership (Nurturing new norms)
      – Is your INFLUENCE translated into CHANGE?
      – Are you INSPIRING others to embrace the new norms?
    • Reinstall Performance (creating new norms)
      – How do you re-install the drive to PERFORM in you and others?
      – Does people see you as a promoter of high performance CULTURE

    • Do you find it difficult to banish your SELF-DECEPTION to change?
    • Do you find it challenging to beat the common CHANGE BLOCKERS?
    • Are you struggling to win the struggle from WITHIN?
    • Are you feeling stressful, due to your own PROCRASTINATION?
    • Overcome the ‘Away From’ attitude and unlearn the ‘VICTIMISED’ state
      – How to overcome refusal to change?
      – How to overcome mind-block to new ideas?
      – How to overcome mis-perceptions towards self and others?
    • Rebuild the ‘Forward Moving’ attitude and relearn to be ‘RESPOND-ABLE’
      – How to overcome mis-perceptions towards self and others?
      – How to rebuild your ability to be open and positive?
    • The triple A’s towards self-empowerment
      – What to ‘Acquire’ within yourself?
      – What to ‘Acknowledge’ what you ‘Acquire’?
      – What to ‘Accept’ what you ‘Acknowledge’ towards self-empowerment?

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